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Nantes Terre Atlantique

The Local Public Agricultural Education and Vocational Training school Nantes Terre Atlantique was born in 2014 from the merger between the high school «Jules Rieffel» in Saint-Herblain and the high school «le Grand Blottereau» in Nantes.

Supervised by 210 staff members, more than 1,000 students and apprentices attend the school each year.

The various trainings focus on 7 domains : agriculture, agricultural machinery, food, landscaping, fish farming, trade and horticulture.

The different levels and specialties are shared on several centers. For vocational training, there is an apprenticeship training centre. Adults can also be supported in their professional projects.

The Grand Blottereau site benefits from the presence of the large landscaped park in the city of Nantes on 36 ha, the horticultural productions greenhouses of the department of green spaces and environment of the city with which it maintains close relations related to the birth of the Professional Horticultural School in 1939.

Jules Rieffel site has the particularity of having opted for a differentiated management of spaces and a sustainable development since its creation in 1987.


Committed to the personal development of learners and their educational, social and professional integration, the school implements innovative and responsible educational actions.

In each of the centres, programmes of support, development and inclusion at the service of students, trainees, apprentices and workers are set up.